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When you engage our legal services, you deal with our partners and senior lawyers.
Our partners are hands-on throughout each matter, applying their extensive knowledge across a range of specialist areas. Collectively, we offer a breadth and depth of expertise that is unmatched among our peers.

From the moment we take on a matter, our team dedicates themselves to resolving matters productively and efficiently.

We have close working relationships with all our clients. We work one to one with our their senior management and in-house counsel. And we value those relationships above all else. We build trust by delivering efficient results to every matter and expediting commercially-viable resolutions.

Our lawyers have broad experience which can only be acquired through years of practice, and from diverse professional environments, including time spent overseas and in some of Australia’s leading boutique and largest law firms. We have collectively gained a depth of knowledge and expertise across a number of specialist areas.

We foster a culture that not only encourages continuous learning and development. We are continuously striving to achieve deeper knowledge and a broader understanding of our clients’ businesses and other relevant matters. We also look for these qualities when recruiting.

As a signatory to the National Pro Bono Target and a provider of legal services to Western Australian government agencies, we are committed to achieving the targets set out in the Western Australian Pro Bono Services Model and to supporting the statement of principles incorporated into the Target.

Our partners and senior lawyers are engaged at every step, from first consultation to final resolution

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