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Client relationships are the heart of our practice

With every matter, we aim to apply our extensive knowledge to help our clients resolve their issues expediently and efficiently. As in every business, finding cost-effective and pragmatic solutions is the highest priority.

We work in small, dedicated teams which always include one of our partners. Partners and senior lawyers work on each matter, and are directly involved at every stage from initial meetings through to the completion of the matter.

Partners and senior lawyers work on each matter

We keep communication direct and purposeful. You will always talk directly to a partner or senior lawyer who are experts in the relevant area, whether corporate law, litigation, or commercial matters. This is true throughout every matter we take on.

Keeping in constant, direct and high-level contact with our clients allows us to build strong personal relationships. It engenders trust. And most importantly, it allows us to expedite decision-making and deliver more efficient resolutions to the matters at hand. This level of trust shows in the results we achieve for our clients across a range of areas.

As our client, you’re never kept at a distance

We have established relationships with clients including major Australian and multinational companies, insurers, government agencies, public authorities, statutory bodies and educational institutions operating across a broad range of industry sectors

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