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We specialise and excel in litigation, alternative dispute resolution, corporate law and commercial matters.  Unlike generalist practices, we have carefully developed our practice to offer our clients the best representation and advice. Our clients benefit from our extensive capability, experience and consistency of service in those specialist areas. We routinely represent our clients in State and Federal courts, a broad range of administrative tribunals, commercial and international arbitration, conciliation, mediation, expert determination, adjudication, examinations and investigations.


The majority of the firm’s lawyers are litigation specialists. In managing the matters in which we are involved, at all times we prioritise the key issues and best strategy to achieve the resolution our clients require. We understand the importance of managing disputes efficiently and effectively to control their commercial impact.


Tottle Partners is focused on results; we are not process driven. We provide commercially viable solutions, enabling our clients to achieve their desired result while managing their commercial relationships and costs.


We understand the importance of achieving our client's expectations, including by meeting deadlines.

cost effective

We have a strong ‘value for money’ approach. We understand our clients' need for certainty regarding costs. We offer alternative fee arrangements wherever possible, including on a fixed or ‘not to exceed’ basis. We do not charge for office disbursements and we outsource litigation support services where practical to limit costs. Our cost estimates are informed and realistic. 

Over many years of practice we have developed efficient structures and processes for litigation work, supported by the latest legal technology, to ensure that ordinary and extraordinary work is differentiated and carried out at an appropriate level and cost. We use partners and experienced lawyers on each matter, so that training of junior lawyers is not achieved at our clients’ expense. 


We are committed to understanding our clients and their interests. We have forged strong relationships with our clients over years of working with them. The understanding and trust we have with them is the foundation of the firm’s success and reputation. We are a well established, independent firm which knows the Western Australian market and legal system.


At a time when there is significant change in technology, legal firms and models of service delivery in the legal profession, we remain firmly focused on our clients. We understand that 'innovation for innovation's sake' is pointless. Consistent with our pragmatic and ‘value for money’ approach, we use the structures, processes and the latest technology which lower's our clients' costs and improves the solutions we can offer them.


Tottle Partners educates and train our lawyers as we have been trained – by leading members of the profession. Our firm maintains the highest professional standards by offering the services of talented and experienced lawyers who have direct and close working relationships with our clients. We have strict recruitment procedures for all new staff members. We offer our staff challenging work with dynamic clients in a supportive work environment, so we secure the best available talent in the market. 


We pride ourselves on providing a personalised, direct service. Our partners are ‘hands on’ lawyers who personally manage and perform the majority of the work required, supported by a small team where necessary. They routinely work one to one with our clients’ senior management and in house counsel. Our lawyers remaining accessible at all times and we have implemented the technological resources required to achieve that.


We are a contemporary firm, well resourced and our relationships with legal counsel, expert and litigation support service providers are second to none. We use the latest document management solutions, case management and practice management technology to manage complex litigation. The firm is an approved quality assurance provider of continuing professional development in Western Australia. Our in-house research and CPD program is regularly used to keep our clients briefed and trained on changes to the law and industry practices which affect them.


We understand the importance of security and data protection. Our network and data is protected by sophisticated systems including network and endpoint security. We use secure file transfers and encryption when transferring our clients' data. We do not host our data in the cloud and we have comprehensive on site and off site data backup. Our staff receive ongoing training regarding data security and protection and we have comprehensive incident management response procedures. To ensure compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), we have detailed privacy policies and procedures.

quality assured

Tottle Partners maintains the highest standards of quality control in relation to all aspects of our practice. We hold Law Society of Western Australia (Inc) Quality Practice Standard accreditation.